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As the newly elected Honorable of the House of Representatives
I address my attention to the Italian needs.

The European Union, NATO and Donald Trump: interview with Andrea Di Giuseppe

During the interview the following topics were discussed: International Agreements, Anti-Semitism, Weapons, European Central Bank, Biden, Blinken, Center, Democracy, Right, Defense, Jews, Economy, Elections, Foreign Affairs, Europe, Finance, Financing, Brothers Of Italy, Justice, War, Hamas, Islam, Israel, Middle East, Born, Palestine, Palestinians, Politics, Presidential, Primaries, Putin, Russia, Society, Polls, Trump, Ukraine, European Union, USA. 21.02.2024

Authorization for Chico Forti's transfer to Italy signed.

My vision and my mission

What I Believe

Reacquisition of citizenship

Reopening of terms and regaining citizenship for all those who were born in Italy to Italian parents and for their children.

Electoral gradient (65%)

national identity

Promotion of national identity through the Italian language and culture abroad: 1.Strengthening bilateral relations between universities and increasing grants. 2.Strengthening of cultural structures and media aimed at our countrymen abroad.

Electoral gradient (70%)

Made in Italy

Promotion of Made in Italy, facilitation and increase trade, research and innovation between Central and North America with Italy.

Electoral gradient (75%)

consular network

Strengthening the Italian consular network to make it more efficient and even more at the service of citizens. Restoration of the Consulates General of Edmonton in Canada and Newark in the USA.

Electoral gradient (90%)

health care

Subsidized health care and for pensioners in Central and North America.

Electoral gradient (95%)

IMU First Home

Same rights and duties of Italians for house taxes: abolition of the IMU tax on the first house.

Electoral gradient (68%)

pension system

Improve the conventions and procedures concerning retirement pensions, and survivors' pensions between the INPS and the American authorities.

Electoral gradient (80%)

Reform of representative bodies

Reform of the COMITES and CGIE representative bodies.

Electoral gradient (50%)

Ministry for Italians in the World

Restoration of the Ministry for Italians in the World, suppressed by the Left Government.

Electoral gradient (78%)

I built a program composed of practical points, achievable, in the wake of the work done by Mirko Tremaglia, founder of the Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World.

Health, work, retirement, ease of obtaining documents, big and daily problems can be solved, REALLY WORKING.

I’m an entrepreneur, I’m an Italian, I’m one of you.

Not me, not we, we all
together can do something


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Biography Of Andrea Di Giuseppe

Andrea Di Giuseppe is one of the best known and most successful person in Italian entrepreneurship in the United States. Owner, among others, of the Trend group, after more than twenty years living in the States, since 2021 has decided to protect the rights of Italians abroad first becoming Chairman of the Miami Committee and then by standing for the 2022 Chamber of Deputies


Works at Italceramiche

Di Giuseppe worked at Italceramiche for 10 years, starting in 1988. During his stay at Italceramiche, he doubled his turnover.


Join the Bisazza group

He becomes part of the BISAZZA Group of Vicenza, one of the leading luxury design brands and world leader in the production of glass mosaics.


Found TREND Group

He founded TREND Group in Vicenza, where he started as Vice President of Sales until 2007, increasing revenues up to 22M Euros.

From 2000 to Today

Franchising Network

Over the past 20 years, Di Giuseppe has developed this home renovation franchise, boasting 80 locations in North America, 50 in the UK.


CEO TREND Group RockSolid Granit North America

He took on the role of CEO of the sister company of the TREND RockSolid group Granit North America, UK and Australia, a global franchise


American Citizen

Di Giuseppe became an American citizen in 2011, one of his greatest personal accomplishments.

May 2020

etherium® By E-Stone

Di Giuseppe also heads the subsidiary E-Stone Corporation, leading the development of reconstituted stone surfaces etherium® By E-Stone. Investment of 50M of Dollars.

May 2020

E-Stone Corporation and Microban® Partnership

Under his direction, E-Stone Corporation and Microban® International have announced a partnership that provides the protection of the antimicrobial product Microban® a etherium® By E-Stone.

November 2021

Chairman Comites Miami

He leads the Tricolor Civic List and is appointed President as the most voted member.

June 2022

Coordinator Intercomites USA

He is appointed Coordinator of the Intercomites Presidents of the USA.

September 2022

elected Honorable of the House of Representatives.

December 2023

Chairman of the Committee on International Trade

He was appointed President of the Committee on International Trade of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies

February 2024

he was appointed member of the scientific committee of the milton friedman institute


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