2023 November

Patronage Case

The Truth interviewed me on the issue of ambiguous relations between CGIL and patronages and, more generally, on links with the left and media attacks on Premier Giorgia Meloni that

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Patronages Out of Control

Inflated practices and numbers, intermingling with the political world, and the risk of possible interference in foreign voting. Immediate investigations and audits of patronages operating out of Italy are needed.

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Scandal Visas

In this interview with the director of Italiareportusa, I discussed the visa scandal involving our consular system and delved into the issue of Italians detained abroad. Visa scandal, Chico Forti

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Stefano Conti: odyssey over

#stefanoconti ‘s house arrest threatened to become an ordeal. When the return home was near, suddenly Stephen was detained. I told Il Tempo how this umpteenth abuse was prevented and

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Stefano Conti case

Those who think #StefanoConti ‘s road is downhill are wrong. Before returning home, Stephen was placed in solitary confinement for several hours and his transfer to house arrest was at

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